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In their new campaign, “Brew the Unexpected,” Tazo gives people the chance to break out of their comfort zones and immerse themselves in the Camp Tazo experience.

In March 2019, Tazo will be holding its first camp of many with special Camp Director, Alyssa Edwards. Just answer a few questions on the online application and you’re entered for a chance to attend the free three-day overnight camp in Texas. The lucky campers will participate in usual activities such as hiking, cooking and campfire sing-alongs, but they will also encounter some “unique unexpected twists.” Each Camp Tazo event in the future will be based on a specific Tazo tea blend and have a different celebrity Camp Director. Anyone can follow the fun and join the conversation on Instagram using #BrewTheUnexpected and #CampTazo.

Not only does this campaign fit perfectly with Tazo’s adventurous brand personality, but it will also appeal to millennials who often value experiences more than material items. By creating an environment where they can naturally connect with people, the brand has successfully initiated two-way communication.