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Starbucks is putting a twist on its iconic holiday cup this year with a  “fill-in” blank canvas replacing the typical holiday designs.

Starbucks has signaled the start of holiday season with red cups since the trend started in 1997. However, this year Starbucks is letting customers celebrate the holidays in their own way by making their cups a coloring book. A set of hands holding two Starbucks drinks centers the vessel while black and white outlines depicting holiday scenes, love, and community surround. Consumers are encouraged to fill in the rest of the cup with their own creations as “holidays mean something different to everyone.”

The cup release is accompanied by a #GiveGood campaign that reminds the public of how easy it is to do good for one another. Starbucks hopes that drinkers will share their colorful cups on social media, along with the hashtag, to spread brand awareness and holiday spirit.

In just two days the hashtag has garnered over 9,000 posts on Instagram and hundreds more on Twitter. The strong start from the campaign should be a promising sign that the brand will see holiday sales rise as they did last year by 12%.