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Sour Patch is celebrating its 35-year anniversary by opening its first-ever store in New York. 

This interactive candy store offers a once in a lifetime brand experience, with Sour Patch Kid-themed candy stations, smoothies, ice cream, edible cookie dough, and many other sweets. The store also sells limited-edition merchandise, such as T-shirts, mugs, socks, and beach totes. Sour Patch Kids has partnered with IT’SUGAR Candy Store to operate the store. Given the current pandemic, the store is keeping its maximum capacity low, requiring masks, and also offering to-go and delivery desserts in order to keep its customers safe. 

By opening an exclusive interactive candy shop with only one location, Sour Patch Kids creates a unique brand experience for all individuals who visit the store. As more people begin to visit the store and are able to share their experiences, the more Sour Patch Kids will be able to use this store to promote its brand.