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Sony Pictures Entertainment partnered with Dell to create a VR experience that allows users to swing around the city like Spider-Man to promote franchise’s newest movie, which debuts in July.

Times Square visitors can also play a game called Spider-Man Scramble that allows those walking by the digital billboards to interact with the superhero on screen. But wait, there’s more! You can download an app called Holo for a PokémonGo-esque Spider-Man experience. It’s as easy as recording your own videos and simply placing the Spider-Man holograms anywhere you’d like.

These executions are definitely cool, and it’s great to see the AR experience being utilized effectively by brands. Sony Pictures is focusing entirely on the user experience, and hopefully, that will pay off. However, we’re not seeing any integration of the movie’s storyline or what makes this movie unique in the franchise, so it’s possible that the line of interaction will simply end at these AR/VR executions. Let’s hope not!