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In an effort to keep drivers off their phones while on the road, Samsung in Singapore invented the “Eyes On The Road” app. Unlike other applications where the user must manually open the app once they begin driving, this one operates using sensor fusion technology and GSM cell towers to automatically detect any movement at or above 20km/hr. Once detected, the “Drive Safe Mode” automatically blocks all calls, texts, push notifications etc. If you try to contact a user while they’re in “Drive Safe Mode,” an auto-generated message will inform you that the intended recipient is currently driving and cannot be reached. The app is deactivated automatically after 10 minutes of idleness or manually at any time by the user. To further incentivise drivers, fuel rewards and insurance premium vouchers are given for reaching milestones and these achievements can shared socially to encourage friends to participate in mobile-free driving. This innovative use of sensor technology takes the burden out of safe driving and will hopefully help to save lives. To learn more, click here.