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America’s leading helmet company, Riddell, designed football helmets with new concussion sensors to detect immediately if a player has experienced a concussion. This update is in the wake of the many lawsuits the NFL has faced due to concussions from playing the sport. Riddell is attempting to increase the distance between it and its competitors with this sensory technology to not only alert coaches when a concussion has occurred, but also to notify coaches when a player is taking too many head hits. The new technology has the potential to dramatically change the industry standard. If successful, all helmets would need to start having these intricate sensor devices that can detect concussions. With this new standard, all competitors would have to begin creating helmets like Riddell’s in order to sell any at all, which would make Riddell an even more dominate company in the football helmet industry. Two-thirds of NFL players wore Riddell helmets last season and if this new sensory technology is successful, that number could become a requirement for all players. To learn more, read the full article here.