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Pop Secret has released “Poptopia,” a mobile game that allows consumers to earn points for Labels for Education. Users will earn points for schools that are registered with Labels for Education until Sept. 30.  The game asks users to pop kernels as they fly across the screen and feed them to The Almighty Mouth God. Executive Vice President and Executive Creative Technology Director Trevor O’Brien says, that “Poptopia” is a part of a larger strategy called “kernels.” “Our goal is to become the most talked about popcorn brand on the Internet,” said O’Brien. Pop Secret has found research that explains people enjoy popcorn while watching content and relaxing at home with their phones. Pop Secret does not want to “interrupt users, but rather be useful or entertain them with an experience.” “Poptopia” is a great move forward in trying to interact with consumers outside of the microwave. This first step could really turn out to help them encourage their consumers to interact with them on multi-platforms. To learn more about this initiative click here.