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To promote the launch of their newest “Online Edition” vehicles, automaker Opel is allowing consumers to buy the cars with views of viral Youtube videos.

In order to “buy” their new vehicle, potential customers must test drive one of the new Opel Online Editions and film a video of their experience. The more creative the better; as viral videos with hundreds of thousands of views are the only way drivers can afford these vehicles when paying via Youtube. The three different versions of the car each come with their own price tag ranging from 589,900 views to 922,800. So far, one person had earned enough views (5.3+ million) to purchase his new Opel Astra which otherwise would have cost €23,070 ($26.728).

Opel’s campaign is the first of its kind and fuels the discussion about currency of the future. The release and implementation of Bitcoin began this conversation back in 2009 but Opel’s latest push shows that brands are starting to define what they value more, cash or awareness.