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New Balance partnered with a software company, TreSensa, and gained just about a 19 percent brand lift with its new playable ad.  

New Balance is trying to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive shoe industry. In an effort to grab the attention of the Chinese, Japanese and U.S. markets, they broke through with a game. This playable ad puts the consumer in a position to actively interact with the brand through paid social posts. The game has a character that jumps on clouds, to represent the softness of the shoes, and the higher you get, the harder it is. They integrate the shoes into the game by having the character wear different ones the further up you get. This unique approach for the brand paid off, especially with new attention in China and Japan.

This game delivers a clear message about the fresh foam shoes in a way that entertains the audience and makes them more engaged with the product without even realizing. This type of game is addicting and makes you want to play more than once and in result, they gain valuable consumer attention.