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In the fifth season of the popular Netflix series Black Mirror, expected to release in December, one episode will give viewers the ability to choose their own storylines.

Although not much information has been released about the complexity of this choose-your-own adventure episode, we will see more options than in the interactive children’s TV shows Netflix has created in the past. The company also plans to release another interactive narrative series based on the video game “Minecraft” later this year. Netflix stands firmly with the statement that they are not moving into the video game market, but these are just the beginning of Netflix’s plans for interactive TV experiences.

As Netflix continues to provide the same services year after year, introducing the first interactive TV experience for adult viewers is a great way to spice things up and attract attention. Since Black Mirror focuses on a society that has been taken over by technology and the resulting consequences, there’s no better place to start. Whether or not this will be the start of a new trend, Netflix is sure to start a conversation.