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Lucky Charms is coming out in support of Gay Pride Month with a new campaign, #LuckyToBe. The social media campaign encourages audiences to share what makes them unique and why they’re lucky to live in a “colorful” world. Using the hashtag #LuckyToBe, users are encouraged to share stories and follow the colorful narrative through multiple social platforms. But the hashtag is in support of more than just the LGBT community. #LuckyToBe calls upon audiences everywhere to appreciate their differences and celebrate life in a playful, yet meaningful way. The campaign’s video brings this spirit to life by leveraging one of the brand’s most recognizable symbols–the rainbow–to celebrate a message of love, support and most of all, happiness within the community. With an inspirational message of acceptance, and catchy tune, it’s a campaign that won’t get stale any time soon. Check out the video and full campaign here!