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Samsung and LeBron James have teamed up to keep King James and his followers digitally connected during the NBA playoffs. Introducing, the LeBron app. A mobile application designed to bring LeBron closer with his fans via exclusive content from Samsung. LeBron James is one of the most popular and active athletes on social media (5.5 million followers on Instagram, 12.8 million followers on Twitter and 18.7 million likes on Facebook). However, during the playoffs, LeBron focuses in on the game of basketball and shuts down his social media activity. The app provides behind the scenes content, photos, game updates, a curated radio station by James and a style guide of what James is wearing to his games. The app also provides an inside scoop of what James has in his diet and provides high-quality videos optimized to look amazing on your phone (and on the go).

The only restriction with the app is it does not allow users to share content to other social platforms. This is one of the most personal and intimate apps between a brand and its users. LeBron James is a brand; he’s the face of Nike and the NBA. This one-on-one (no pun intended) interaction will keep users feeling engaged and provide an authentic experience. Find out more about the app by jumping here.