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In a now-closed petition, the charcoal brand teamed up with ex-NFL player, Vince Wilfork, to make BBQ ribs the official food of America.

The spot, which made rounds on the NFL Network and through social media platforms features Wilfork grilling up ribs while dancing along to each recipe. Wearing overalls, a red hat with “RIBS” stitched across the front, and slow cooking in front of a pool with a floating top eagle, the entire minute is completely over the top and hilarious. A hashtag, #standwithribs, and call out to sign a petition on the White House website keep fans involved and give them a reason to come back to the brand.

While brands petitioning for national status isn’t necessarily a new idea (remember Heinz and the Monday after the Super Bowl?), Kingsford’s over-the-top version does just want it needs to- grabs attention. Everything about the spot keeps the viewer entertained and glued to the screen increasing time with the brand and ultimately unaided recall of Kingsford later.