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The New York Jets are launching a new component of the team’s official app that will function as a mobile season ticket subscription.

JetBlue is sponsoring the initiative, which, for $725, allows fans to sit in a different seat for every home game they attend. That’s what is causing the excitement around the pass – sure, a fan could end up with an average seat, but there is always a chance they’ll be randomly assigned to a premium spot.

The “why” behind this initiative is far more interesting. Consistently in recent years, 5% or more of the stadium’s seats remain unsold for each game. Unlike other mobile approaches by sports organizations, this mobile approach doesn’t seek to increase the number of people streaming the game, this is about getting more fans in the seats. This move by the NY Jets and sponsorship by JetBlue is a much more realistic and future-focused approach to the way mobile has changed the country’s sports experiences.