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On April 4th, online retailer hosted a Facebook Live cutting its products apart with a water laser cutter in honor of Equal Pay Day.

Ranging from smartphones, to diapers, to TVs, the products (chosen by viewers voting with Facebook Reactions) would then be placed under the machine to physically slice off 21 percent of the item and illustrate that–like the wage gap–nothing works when it is not equal to the rest.

During the 75 minute stream the hosts discussed facts about female wage equality. In addition, also covered 21 percent of their homepage with the message “79 percent is not enough. Women deserve more,” including a link to the site’s president Liza Landsman extrapolating how customers can get involved in the gender pay gap.

Besides pointing out a meaningful topic to audiences, nailed its engagement by putting an appropriate time limit to the stream, maintaining interest with host commentary to accompany the visuals, and gamifying the video through letting the viewers choose the products to slice.