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As part of the brand’s annual “4×4 Day” campaign, Jeep took to Snapchat with a new  “Jeep Hair, Don’t Care” lens.

The lens simulated what your hair might look like blowing around while driving top down in a Jeep. The campaign extended to other social channels as well, like Facebook and Instagram, where fans were invited to share their photos using #Jeep4x4Day.

To further promote its lens, Jeep stuck to social media, running related posts on Facebook and Instagram and creating a social montage video around the campaign.

While many marketers have turned to popular geofilters to promote their brands on Snapchat, Jeep opted for a lens since that has been the brand’s number one engagement mechanism on the platform.

And it seems like the decision to create a lens was a good one. At the end of the lens’ 24-hour runtime, it had generated over 24 million views – not surprising for a brand like Jeep whose fans aren’t just consumers but part of a loyal community that has formed around the brand’s unique lifestyle.