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Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? It’s a question that has plagued scientists, chefs, and ketchup-lovers alike for over a century. But today, on National Tomato Day, Heinz plans to settle the debate once and for all.

For the next two days, Heinz is running a campaign, “The Tomato Debate,” where it is putting the pressure on fans to decide if a tomato is truly a fruit or vegetable.

To make it easy for everyone to get involved there are multiple ways to have a vote recognized. By visiting, fans can simply vote their conscious by clicking on one of two buttons- “Fruit” or “Vegetable.” For those on social media, their voice can be heard as long as they include #tomatodebate in their message. But, for the most loyal ketchup fans, they can have their opinion tallied by purchasing a bottle with their preferred labeling. For $5 fans can pick up a glass bottle with the label reading either “Ketchup Made From Tomato Fruits” or “Ketchup Made From Tomato Vegetables.”

The best part? The debate has real consequences. The winning word will decide future ketchup packing as well as the company’s URL; or  

This campaign from Heinz is a perfect example of a brand initiating two-way conversation. Not only are they giving fans a topic to care about and the freedom to express their opinion, but they are actually listening and rewarding engagement.

What’s next? Ketchup’ vs ‘catsup’?