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To re-ignite excitement around their 1980s classic, Hasbro opened a Trivial Pursuit hotel where the quality of your stay depends on your ability to answer various trivia questions.

Upon arriving at the hotel, guests must pay for everything by answering trivia questions. Answer correctly, and you’ll be treated to a comfy bed, hot sauna and fine dining. Get the questions wrong, and you’ll be swapping out fancy amenities for a hideaway bed and ramen for two. Fans can enter to win a stay by answering trivia online and sharing their entry on social media. They’re also offered a chance to buy a discounted Trivial Pursuit game to brush up on their skills before their stay.

By bringing this classic to life in a creative new way, Hasbro was not only able to boost interest and sales for a product that’s been on the market for over 30 years, but connect with a new generation that craves unique experiences and travel opportunities.