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There are a lot of incredible listings on Airbnb – castles, house boats, train cars – but Guinness just upped the ante by listing their flagship brewery, the Guinness Storehouse.

While it’s no longer a working brewery, it once was and it still is the brand’s spiritual home and an engaging tourist destination. Rather than rent it, fans of the brand have the chance to win an overnight stay in the famed Gravity Bar, with its 360-views of Dublin, along with exclusive tasting and behind-the-scenes experiences. To enter? Just tell them why you’re the world’s biggest Guinness fan.

It’s a simple but buzzworthy concept, and the special touches are noteworthy – on the promotional page (which is simply an Airbnb listing), the Host is listed as Arthur Guinness, the brands founder (some 250 years ago). As a promotional partnership, this is a smart one sure to benefit both Guinness and Airbnb – the challenge becomes whether they’ll properly use the opportunity to its fullest and generate more shareable content of the winner’s experience.