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If pioneering online deliveries and tracking pizzas every step of the way wasn’t impressive enough, Domino’s has outdone themselves by filling potholes.

 Domino’s began its “Paving for Pizza” campaign by allowing customers to nominate their town and its potholes for fixing. The goal is to protect pizza from bumps that will upend your box – whether in your car or the delivery person’s.  Submitting a troublesome pothole occurs on a microsite. Additionally, the number of fixed potholes per town and pictures of those potholes are showcased to communicate that this is no joke.

The connection between selling more pizzas and paving roads isn’t obvious, but it’s clear this initiative is generous, localized, and personal.  Domino’s is giving fans attention in a way that encourages them to give attention to their communities. In doing so, Domino’s authenticity transfers to its fans and gives them permission to be authentic.  Utilizing the microsite as both the avenue for entry and tracker is just as powerful because of the proof it provides that good is being done and pizzas are being saved. God Bless Domino’s.