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Coca-Cola’s invention of the Bio Cooler has brought joy (in the form of a cold, refreshing drink) to parts of the world that suffer scorching temperatures with no regular power supply.  Requiring no electricity to operate, the power-free fridge took about a year to develop and was finally launched in Aipir, one of the hottest towns in Colombia.  The Bio Cooler is a rectangular box on four legs that houses a variety of small plants on top.   Its “cooling” system works in two phases.  First, from the evaporation that occurs when the plants are watered, which then filters into the box to cool another chamber.  The second phase creates an even higher cooling effect, using a mirror to capture the sun’s heat to turn a gas into liquid.  The Bio Cooler can store up to three different flavors of soda and works similar to that of a small vending machine.  Considering that residents of the village used to travel 12 hours to the city to get ice or something cold, they are – needless to say – thrilled to have such a device at their disposal.  Coca-Cola’s innovative thinking not only “opens happiness” across the world, it also connects people through their common love for its product.  Check out the video here and share your thoughts below!