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Chipotle teamed up with influencer David Dobrik to host a new TikTok Challenge called  #ChipotleSponsorMe

To participate in the challenge, fans had to follow Chipotle’s TikTok account and post a video about why the restaurant chain should sponsor them. Dobrik selected five winners and commented on their posts on Cinco de Mayo. The winners received a Chipotle Celebrity Card, which is a card usually gifted to celebrities, athletes and influencers that allows them to get free food. This campaign was influenced by the many fans who have asked the brand to sponsor them on social media. 

Although this may not be the “sponsoring” these fans had in mind, Chipotle found a fun way to answer the call and engage with consumers on one of the most popular and fastest-growing social platforms. With everyone stuck at home due to COVID-19, the app has seen an even greater spike in downloads and users, including many people outside of its usual demographics, making the platform an even better place for the brand to tout its online ordering and delivery services during this time.