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Cheetos partners with celebrity chef, Anne Burrell, for a pop-up restaurant in New York City.

The restaurant, entitled “The Spotted Cheetah”, features Cheetos twists on gourmet food, created by Chef Burrell. From “Flamin’ Hot Limón Chicken Tacos” to “Cheetos Sweetos Crusted Cheesecake”, attendees can enjoy a three-course meal with their favorite cheesy snack. The pop-up, which is being staged at 211 W. Broadway, will last just three days: August 15-17. While already booked up, Cheetos offers a solution for those who can’t make a reservation. With a free digital cookbook, any fan around the world can recreate these Cheetos-centric meals.

The Frito-Lay owned brand, along with PR company Ketchum, has created the perfect triad of experiential, digital and social. With ideal Instagram material, they’re letting fans blow up their newsfeeds for them, while also providing unique Buzzfeed-worthy content.

Pair that with a celebrity chef in a trendy location, and Chester Cheeto has successfully brought his dangerously-cheesy snack to the big league.