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Cheerios recently released a modern version of its popular “Holiday Grandma Visit” commercial, all thanks to a viral video from TikTok influencer Cori Spruiell. 

She posted the clip on November 20th, outlining a potential plot and suggesting General Mills create an updated commercial featuring the same cast from the 1999 classic. The original TV spot depicted a grandmother visiting family for the holidays and ended with her saying to her baby granddaughter, “No matter where Grandma lives, we’ll always be together for Christmas.” Within weeks of hearing Spruiell’s pitch, General Mills had kicked off its campaign with teasers promoting the reboot, which features a storyline fit for 2020. 

This reboot was a great move for Cheerios. After all, although “being together” might mean something different in 2020, consumers are still managing to find connection and familiarity this holiday season. This modern take on an old classic recognizes that fact and celebrates the importance of family traditions, even as the pandemic forces those traditions to evolve. Cheerios managed to quickly pivot and create a culturally relevant campaign, all built on an idea born out of a fan’s genuine love for the brand.