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Recently, coffee brand Café Pele released a series of provocative billboards with one main goal in mind: get unsuspecting pedestrians to yawn.

As many people know, when one person yawns, it subconsciously causes others around them to yawn, which 70% of people attest to, according to the State University of New York and Café Pele put this scientific fact into action by installing interactive billboards in high-traffic areas that feature a person yawning profusely, followed by a message stating “Did you yawn, too? It’s time for coffee.” Once this message came up, the obvious intrigue of the surrounding pedestrians was accentuated by beautiful Café Pele reps coming out with free coffee samples for everyone.

Creating a connection between the subconscious and physical reality (and also playing off of a classically common and somewhat humorous human cause/effect), Café Pele has created another “strong” example of applying marketing tactics with everyday human intuition to create a meaningful, memorable experience. Find out more about these yawn-provoking, innovative billboards.