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After seeing social media complaints from fans in Sinop, Turkey who don’t have a Burger King in their town, the restaurant gifted them mini flame grills to make their own Whoppers.

Although Burger King didn’t open a restaurant in Sinop, they still found a way to make Whoppers possible for residents. Any fan who complained received one of these grills which were given the name “Mini Flame King.” The grill looks just like a Whopper box and comes complete with bits of kindling, miniature tongs and two charcoal nubs. The restaurant also created videos to accompany this effort that received over two million views. After the rest of Turkey caught wind of this giveaway, BK ended up making about 500 more to send to fans reaching out from other towns.

Burger King was able to control the buzz by reacting quickly to the chatter on social media with a clever idea. By gifting these mini grills, BK sent an authentic, caring message to their fans without actually having to bring the restaurant to them.