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Bed Bath & Beyond created a new service that allows students to design their bedroom at home to model a college dorm room in order to accommodate for the teenagers who will be missing the dorm experience this fall due to COVID-19. 

The “College from Home” shopping experience provides design ideas and tips, as well as helpful products that can be used for virtual learning. The brand states the importance of being able to design your own room and express yourself and your identity while doing so. Bed Bath & Beyond is aware that this will be many of Generation Z’s first time shopping at its store but hope to gain their business as Gen Z is its target audience for this brand new service.

Bed Bath & Beyond took such a common yet unexpected circumstance that many college students are experiencing and found a way to turn it into a fun, new project. By finding common ground between many, they are able to grab the attention of Generation Z and gain an entirely new audience from this service.