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Arby’s is giving fans the opportunity to try their new King’s Hawaiian sandwiches on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii for just $6 – the price of one sandwich.

The brand announced the promotion on their social media pages, giving the exact date and time of the two ticket drops. Only five tickets were available each time and could be purchased through their microsite. A total of 15,000 people attempted to snag tickets, but only ten lucky winners were successful. The site reached 250,000 visits and the tickets were reportedly sold out in “microseconds.” The winners will be flying from LAX to Hawaii on April 27th to enjoy a quick 6-hour visit and a whole lot of sandwiches. This promotion aims to build hype around Arby’s new King’s Hawaiian sandwiches that will be on their menu for a limited time.      

Arby’s found a ridiculous idea that easily grabbed attention and increased awareness for their new product line but was still very fitting for their brand personality. By giving fans the opportunity to have such an intimate experience with the brand, they are likely to see increased loyalty as well.