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Lyft and Stranger Things recently partnered together to create an experiential campaign that gives riders in Philadelphia and Los Angeles the opportunity to take their Lyft in “Strange Mode.” On October 27th and 28th from 4pm to 9pm, Lyft users can opt-in for a ride equipped with the static sounds, flickering lights, and other features that simulate the show’s “other-worldly” traits.

But even users who don’t live in those cities can still participate. Lyft will also unveil a limited-time, in-app opportunity to experience the Strange Mode. The Lyft app will host various show features, such as cars with Christmas lights and waffles, as well as the Stranger things logo within the app throughout the weekend.

Stranger Things’ marketing for its second season has been filled with alluring trailers, but this experiential campaign brings the marketing to the next level. If you have the opportunity, celebrate the Halloween weekend with a Lyft in Strange Mode while you’re celebrating the holiday.