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MORE CATEGORIES has seen an 89 percent higher close rate from salespeople who have started using their new tool, Salesperson Connect, which helps match potential customers with a compatible salesperson.  

With this new tool, car shoppers have the opportunity to access reviews, ratings and personal profiles of salespeople at nearby dealerships. If prospective customers find a salesperson that appeals to them, they can opt to set up an appointment. The company reports that it’s helping over 1.6 million shoppers find the right match. created this software after finding in a recent survey that almost two-thirds of customers believe a salesperson who can relate to them personally and understand their needs would have a greater advantage in closing a deal on a car.

By tapping into the dating app trend, found a fun, user-friendly way to get a little more personal with younger generations. Giving people the opportunity to find a salesperson that meets their needs right from their smartphone allows for a more seamless car-buying experience.