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According to a tweet and LinkedIn post from Justin Taylor, Burger King’s mascot dropped by his house to personally deliver a BK gift card.

A few days ago, Taylor, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Activision, came home to a Burger King gift card that had a note with instructions to check his Ring security camera to see who left it. After taking a look and seeing it was the Burger King himself, Taylor shared the video on social media, calling it “pure genius marketing.” The fast food restaurant is also using this tactic to promote its new partnership with Uber Eats. After pre-scouting which LA neighborhoods were more likely to have houses with Ring devices, the BK mascot set out to deliver hundreds of orders. As a part of this promotion, all Burger King orders over $15 will get free delivery at participating locations through October 27th. 

By leveraging the shareability of Ring doorbell camera videos, Burger King turned a simple activation in one city into a buzz on social media. Not only did this unique idea generate UGC for the brand but it also received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans.