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To help prevent hanger-provoked road rage and ensure no driver goes without dinner, Burger King launched a new service that delivers food right to commuters’ cars.

Burger King leverages real-time data to target heavily congested areas, using Waze banners ads and digital billboard displays to alert drivers when delivery services are available to them. Customers can safely place their orders in-app using voice commands. Then, Burger King provides them with updates through billboard displays to let them know when their food is approaching. After a successful test launch in Mexico City, the brand plans to roll out this program to L.A., Shanghai and Sao Paulo in the near future.

Through this campaign, Burger King found a creative and ownable way to raise awareness for its delivery service and boost app downloads. It’s also helping to meet an unmet consumer need, connecting the brand with new customers and strengthening relationships with existing customers by making services even more convenient.