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Adidas created a gamified augmented reality experience at its flagship store in Paris to show consumers how it’s doing its part to help the environment.

The brand launched this For the Oceans AR experience as a part of its Platform A program to focus on digital initiatives. Shoppers with the Adidas mobile app who enter the store will automatically receive a notification inviting them to join the experience. Once they access the platform, users can point their cameras at digital displays around the store to explore a virtual ocean filled with plastic and tap the pieces to help collect them. Then, they can watch the process the brand uses to turn plastic waste into shoes.  

Through this interactive experience, Adidas is able to stand out during the busy holiday shopping season while simultaneously educating consumers and making them feel good about purchasing from a company that’s dedicated to environmental sustainability. Brands taking a stand on social issues has started to become an expectation, and Adidas not only found a way to meet this expectation but also bring its values to life in an engaging way.