The traditional strategy of dropping points on a target market may be about as effective as dropping turds into the proverbial punch bowl.

Moosylvania has been asking consumers how and why they adopt brands for six years, and our research shows that most consumers repel one-way messaging.

In fact, we found a glaring example of how waste occurs – by assuming that consumers are listening or watching.

Consumers told us their friends and family are 2.5x more likely to influence brand adoption than TV, YouTube, and Facebook Ads combined.


Over a six year period, we’ve asked consumers their favorite brands and dug deep into what works and what doesn’t. Along the way, we’ve evaluated hundreds of case studies of the leading brands and we one thing is clear: without an original idea, you’re just noise.

The average consumer is creating ½ to 2 hours of content a day – and almost all of their friends will see it. Getting consumers to talk about you takes a lot of work and it all starts with the seeds of originality.

Originality only happens once.

The foundation of any connectivity has to be originality. Whether it’s a digital, merchandising or experiential concept, the first question to ask is “has it been done before?”

From there, connection platforms come into the plan. Big ideas rarely come from prescriptive briefs that say, “create content for social channels.”

We want to start with a clean slate.  Let’s talk about the problem and decide what messaging and tonality can resonate.  Then we’ll talk about connection platforms.

Once the platform is chosen and programming is happening, the base is formed.

Until you get to two way communication,
everything else is high school.



Getting to great ideas is a passion of ours, and we collect them, study them and celebrate them.

We’ve been gathering them since 2008.

With 3,100 short ideas captured by category, we can always dig deep and build concepts that are inspired by the world around us.

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The most inspired consumers become superfans –and we spent the summer of 2017 studying them.


of consumers are loyal or super loyal to their favorite brand


more likely to have a regular dialogue with their favorite brand


more likely to interact with other fans on social
more likely to have a sense of belonging
more likely to be in a brand fan club or group

These are the people who will talk about your brand. And building that base will ultimately get the reach and endorsement you’re looking for.

At Moosylvania, we’re focused on Brand Communities and helping to build them.

By developing an agile agency team, we supply real time services to keep our clients on the ‘friend side’ of the equation.

With in-house creative, media, social, digital and experiential teams working together in concert, Moosylvania has been able to help its clients be responsive with or without big budgets.

Check out Moosylvania, a 45-person independent, integrated agency that builds believers – not just buyers.

And pick up our CEO’s latest book, The Participation Game, How The Top 100 Brands Build Loyalty in a Skeptical World, published by Idea Press.

Here’s what we suggest going forward:

  • Truly understand the core of your brand
  • Continue to learn from your fans
  • Build a 2-way communication platform with a digital hub
  • Test, learn and iterate messaging
  • Create programming that amplifies participation
  • Identify retail and experiential opportunities
  • Link a solid commercial strategy to messaging